7-11 April 2014, University of Malta, Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy


Subject of the Lecture: The Place of “Art” in Nietzsche’s Philosophy.

Name of the Lecturer: Metin BAL, Associate Prof. Dr.,  Dokuz Eylül Üniversity, Department of Philosophy, Ýzmir, TURKEY,

balmetin@gmail.com,    www.metinbal.net


Expected Outcome: Participants of this activity and audience of the lectures will be able to create an awareness about the importance of the concept of “art” in Nietzsche’s philosophy.



1-) Preliminary Survey To Be Posed To Students Of Philosophy.

2-) Introduction to the lecture: “A vocation to see the world as a work of art and to be an artist”, Metin Bal.

3-) Sartre’s Conception of Art Grounded on Humanist Existentialism and Phenomenological Ontology, Metin Bal & Sema Sökmen.

4-) The Will to Power, “Toward an Outline”, and Part IV: “The Will To Power As Art”, Friedrich Nietzsche.

5-) The Parable of the Madman, from The Gay Science, Friedrich Nietzsche.

6-) “The Dionysiac World View”, Friedrich Nietzsche.

7-) “The Spirit of Gravity”, from Thus Spake Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche.

8-) Antigone, Sophocles.

9-) Bacchae, Euripides.